Big Boss Baby Cat

On this rainy Dunedin afternoon, with the chill of spring’s false-starts weighing my fingertips, I will take a moment to bring attention to the dear cat of a dear friend– Baby Cat.

Happy Birthday to Baby Cat!

My sister brought the cat to our house and declared that he was born on my 22nd birthday, making him born on 02/28/08 (I love these numbers).  For his second birthday, we had a birthday cake.  That is my family with the cat [pictured above], and his birthday cake.  Which we are eating on my birthday.  I hate ice cream cake, but the baby cat likes it, and doesn’t eat regular cake.

-Kristin Maffei

But, like the Gonga-cat, Kristin Maffei’s Baby Cat goes by more than one name. “For the record,” Kristin clarifies, “his vet paperwork was filled out with the name Soulja Boi, because Jillian [the sister] liked that name and was the first person to bring him to a vet… When he came to live with my parents, my mother wanted to call him Tigger, I opted for Figaro, and Roger wanted to name him Keats.  My father insisted on calling him ‘the cat’ and since no one can talk to the baby cat without using baby-talk, he became ‘the baby cat’ or ‘the little baby cat’ or ‘baby cat’.  He doesn’t answer to a name, so we didn’t bother.  Besides, he really is just a little baby.”

Baby Cat’s penchant for squares has been emphasized to me many times (“I know a cat who has a penchant for square things.” -Roger Arnold, 11/01/10), and I would not feel justified in writing this post without mentioning it here as well. Roger Arnold, aforementioned associate of Baby Cat, vehemently backs Kristin’s claims that “the baby cat is attracted to squares, and enjoys sitting on them whenever possible.” Kristin goes on to note that the family doesn’t “know why this is, but if you leave a box, laptop, book, or piece of paper, he will sit on it.”

Leave a square out for The Baby Cat to find and you know what you're getting yourself into.

This mysterious, finicky, geometric kitty is adored by his family. Kristin is quick to maintain that “he is the most loving, sweetest cat ever, and while he constantly tries to get outside and becomes a real monster when you try to pick him up and bring him back in, if you let him come back on his own, he usually cries on the deck and then cuddles with you crying for a few minutes when he comes back inside.  He doesn’t like being alone.” He is even a pacifist! Kristin reports that she once saw him hug a mouse.

However, a party who wishes to remain unidentifed claims to have seen Baby Cat’s darker side.

I arrived late to Kristin’s after everyone was asleep.  Upon entering the guest bedroom I noticed Babycat asleep on the other bed, which was separated from my bed by a small nightstand.  I had woken Babycat up.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I returned Babycat was sitting up watching me.  I laid down and turned off the light and the cat crawled onto the nightstand and sat there staring at me.  Every time I shifted, even a little bit, Babycat would begin this loud, horrible groan that would last about thirty seconds.  This went on for about five minutes, with me shifting two or three times.


Whatever the case, I have met Baby Cat and I give him my stamp of approval. Look at his taste in blogs! (Clogs.)

**if you have a cat you’d like to have featured on “The Cats of Others” please email me at with photos and brief description of what makes your cat so noteworthy– it too can gain international fame!! 62 people looked at this the other day. that’s 62 additional people looking at your cat. (or 1 weird guy refreshing the page a bunch of times.) think about it.**


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Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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