Cats & Families, pt. III

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Cat Blog Co-Conspirators in the Backwoods of Pennsylvania

Towards the end of the era of cats, Gpop allowed one of the wild cats to live inside. He wanted to call the cat Gary, but my cousins who lived up the hill from him also tried to weigh-in on the name. So I think in the end, the cat’s full name was Gary Earl Oreo Mojo-Jojo. [Editor’s note: HA.] Gary was not the friendliest of cats, but he was Gpop’s pal. They were really cute.

But Gary was the last cat. And he had to be put to sleep because, like a lot of the farmcats, he had kitty cancer. I’ve tried to convince my Gpop to let me buy him a new cat or a hamster or something to keep him company, but he says no because they break his heart because he loves them so much and then they die. But he made me this really beautiful painting for my 18th birthday because my rabbit Jordan had died a few months earlier of the ‘Rainbow Bridge to Heaven.” There is a poem that he put in with the painting too, that inspired him. It’s about how when you die you walk up this rainbow bridge to heaven and all of the pets you ever had are at the top of the bridge waiting for you. So the painting is of me and Gpop at the bottom of the bridge, and all of his cats and my rabbit sitting at the top waving to us. It’s really really great. [Editor’s note: crying.] And I hope for his sake that those stinkin’ cats are up there because if not, I think he’ll be devastated.

He did recently tell me that if I bought him a tarantula, he would keep it. So I’m looking into that. I’m pretty sure that G would never speak to me again though.

Okay, now remember how I mentioned how cats bring people together?? Read this testimonial, Techno’s conclusion to her lengthy and wonderful pile of cat anecdotes.

On a not cat-related note, I think when he found out that I like animals was when my grandfather realized that I am a real person. Like, he could talk to my brother Andrew about engineering stuff because they both went to Drexel and like to build things. But I don’t think he thought he had anything in common with me. Until I got my rabbit. Because then we were both pet people. And on Christmas he made me watch March of the Penguins with him and we both sat there and cried about the penguins while everyone else was out celebrating and playing and eating lots of food. We are really strange people, it seems.

I am touched that you are all touched by cats. Mmmtz.

Look at how cats changed this man’s life! (Cece, in constant harmony with my kitty senses, sent this gem in. Mmtz indeed.)

Hipster with Cat.

As I wrote in reply, “i wish to own this. all of it. or to be him. or his mom. or sister. girlfriend. grocery cashier. whatever.”

John Paul O’Donnell, disgusted, followed my comment with, “if there would be a dislike option on facebook, i would use it here.”

This girl is in touch with all sorts of fine media.

Everyone's favorite Love Cat.

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Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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One Response to Cats & Families, pt. III

  1. ccJaspers says:

    I love the cat hipster. I think he may have actually lost being a hipster. is it the neo cat lady future? boys named cc Jaspers running around the block, on their loooooonboardz with their catpack containing their catmanion….

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