Moxie and Miss Kitty Pt. 2, The Explanation

When we last saw Moxie and Miss Kitty, they were being AWESOME.

Here are some words from Suzanne, their daily caretaker, about the kitties’ daily going-ons.

Kitty seeks higher ground to get away from Moxie. (You should really be here right now, watching them go at it.) She likes to sit on the sink and wait for someone to turn on the faucet for her so she can drink from “her fountain.” She finds it very rude when you want to brush your teeth or wash your hands while she’s using the sink. You have to ‘shoo’ her away to get some space. Another thing she does is wail and swat when you walk by her. Like, if she’s sitting in the doorway and you want to use the bathroom, she takes offense to your proximity. One day I found myself shouting, “Not everything’s about you Kitty. God. Get a hobby!” (You can imagine this, I know.) She spends 20 hours a day sleeping on the back of the couch or the bed, preferably in a sunny spot. She likes her soft-noms precisely at 4:15 each day. She is the most vocal cat I have ever known.

Then there’s Moxie, sometimes called “Me-mox” by yours truly. (Surely a derivative of “Me-mow,” the term I call all cats by.) When not relentlessly chasing and stalking kitty, she is vomiting. She eats very fast and then hurls. Dave can do a fine impression of this. He can even mimic the squishy-splat the puke makes when it hits the floor. He is a man of many talents. But enough about him. Moxie makes a great deal of noise as well, though she sounds less dangerous than Kitty with her purrs and bleats and meows. She spends hours sitting on the cat tree swatting at birds at the feeder. She is never deterred and seems to think that eventually she will make a catch. Her determination is endearing. She is so soft and seemingly a perfect partner with which to cuddle. You have to be on the defense though. Should you find yourself with a Moxie to canoodle with she will most definitely end the tender moment by biting you. How nice. Dave is a responsible owner and uses Frontline on the cats when necessary. Moxie enjoys licking freshly applied Frontline off her back. Dave realized this was not a good thing and bought her a small sweater to wear when she gets dosed. It is black and pink with white polka dots. Also, it has pom-poms that dangle from the neck. It’s classy. The sweater has a calming effect. She no longer runs around like mad, just sits and stares with a look in her eye that says, “I hate you.”

That said, it is my duty to care for them now, so I guess I will.

One of my favorite stories of these kitties involve Moxie– when Dave and Suzanne show a photo of her very own self on the television, Moxie FREAKS OUT. Here is a photo about this. (Perhaps it is because TV Moxie is so much bigger…?)

And, Miss Kitty not only was a star at the 2010 Huntingdon Demolition Derby,

but also enjoys her backyard hang-out-times, such as here, with her dear friend Bethany.

Long story short: the M & MK story is not done being told. The Dave and Suzanne story follows these lines. These kitties, these people, these great kitties and these great people, ARE TOTALLY RAD. As a family, we love them. As cat blog material, we respect them.

May their stories keep on keeping on.


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Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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