This afternoon, Dave, dear friend and owner of The Biggest Cat in the World, wrote in this afternoon with an observation.

I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out to you yet, but when you post on your blog the date is a day early. A remnant of NZ? or an angel giving us cat news the day before it happens? Whatever the cause, I think an Early Edition cat shoutout is in order. Here are some pictures for inspiration:

[editor’s note: Dave hilariously sent the following information in a series of five messages.]

I don’t know how to do more than one photo at a time.

Also, there’s this:

4.10 Panther, Pella, and Carl as Cat

Panther, an orange tabby born around 1987 and rescued from an animal shelter, portrays the mysterious Cat, a.k.a. Snow’s Cat, with a little help from two other cats, Pella and Carl. Panther is the original cat used in the series and carried most of the workload during the entire first season. Panther enjoyed playing helper to character Gary Hobson, but according to trainer Bill Casey, “as the episodes went on and a second season began, some of the scripts called for more demanding situations that the cat had to work within. And cats are unlike dogs, which you can teach a number of stunts. So it’s much harder to put one cat into a wide variety of situations and stunts because cats have their own personalities.”

Panther is considered the “hero cat,” as “he’s the one in the main title film footage” and does the sitting and staying shots, he’s the one at Gary’s door with the newspaper, and he’s also the one that does most of the posing and close-up shots. Carl is very sedentary and does the laying around shots. When the script calls for action, it’s Pella’s turn to step in.

From the same site, “frequently asked questions”:

2.10 Why is there a cat?

While the cat appears to be a guardian of the paper, no reason has been given so far as to why the Paper comes with a cat. In the season 4 opener (“The Out-of-Towner”), Sam Cooper, a character who receives a similar paper in the city of New York, stated that his paper originally came with a pigeon who later perished (the neighbor’s dog ate it!). Perhaps the cat’s purpose will be revealed later on in the series and we will understand why Gary’s paper has a guardian while Sam’s paper no longer requires one.

In a later season 4 episode (“Performance Anxiety”), Joey Clams, who took over the duties of the New York paper from Sam, was demoted to receiving the Dayton Daily News, which arrived with a small terrier.
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2.11 Does the cat have a name?

The cat does not have an official name on the show, and has only ever been referred to as “Cat” or “Snow’s Cat.” However, in the scripts themselves, the character of the cat is denoted by the name of “Carl” – and was named so by Executive Producer Michael Dinner after a cat that used to hang out near where he worked – but that name has never been used during an episode.

But that’s not all!


This will be the last message.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing The Early Edition cat with us! I don’t know how I could have forgotten, considering we shared that really nice, sunny day last summer when we meant to go for a walk but we found an Early Edition MARATHON on TV and stayed in and played with The Biggest Cat in the World allllllllllldaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

What an oversight.


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  1. Matt Lehman says:

    Finally, someone is taking advantage of my Early Edition FAQ.

  2. Kristin says:

    Erica, you are the coolest lady I have ever known.

    Also, Dave once expressed shock that I had never really paid attention to an episode of Early Edition. Had he mentioned Snow’s Cat, I just might have.

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  4. my Indigo (orange tabby) doesn’t deliever the paper but he does make a good paper weight

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