The Kings of Huntingdon County

….are its librarian, of course! Here is cat blog information, brought to you straight from the source– the fine, fine libriarians who are changing the lives of millions, and at the very least making mine a lot better.

First, in chronological order, we have a video sent in by Hannah, the totally rad librarian at SCI-Huntingdon.

And here she is!

Taken without permission but hopefully with goodwill from Hannah's facbok page.

Hannah’s contribution, Kittens Inspired by Kittens, is something that apparently EVERYONE in the world but me has seen. On the day she sent this, I watched it approximately fifteen times and then showed it to most of the people with whom I am close/kissing, who were equally pleased, but could already recite it by heart. Whatever. I am still as awestruck as that first day.

“I’m her mom.”
“No….she’s not…”

GENIUS. I could watch this ’til my eyes fall out (with my face too close to the computer screen– I’ve warned Oscar Tuten about this).


The second contribution on this spring-ish Tuesday night is from Jon, owner of Claudia and libriaran-bro at both the Huntingdon County and the Mount Union Branch Libraries.

Here he is with his birthday buddy! See? See??

Jon sends in this startling news item, a bit out of date now but still hilarious. Apparently, a sitting congressman, David Wu, went totally out of his brain hole last month in front of The General Public. The article explains,

For some staffers, the beginning of the end was Wednesday, Oct. 27, when Wu delivered a belligerent and rambling 19-minute monologue to Washington County Democrats that some in the audience said was inappropriate for the friendly crowd. His behavior left staff members aghast…

However, the clincher, as far as is concerned, happened later.

Wu also forwarded a cheery photo of himself dressed as a tiger for Halloween. He had both hands — paws — held up to either side of his face. He was grinning broadly.

At that point, staff knew something was terribly wrong with their candidate… “I did some things, I said some things which I sincerely regret now,” Wu said, “And as a result of those things I saw fit to consult professional help.”

That’s right. CATS MADE HIM CRAZY. We just can’t be ourselves in this world.

Actual photo of this dude.

Jon implores, “Is this catty enough? come on, it’s a tiger suit”!

Yes, Jon. It IS catty enough.

Jon continues, “PS- this is the Portland, Oregon district”. (PS: Jon has made a commitment not to leave Pennsylvania for at least one year.)


Thank you the librarians in the house, the fanciest of book friends the world could ever as for! With love and card-catalogs to you both.




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