Farm Cats (!)

Here is a recent photo from dinner at Emily and Chris’ house.

(Emily and Chris, upper right hand corner girl and arm/partial torso.)

Legit. They have MANY cats. Naturally, I was overwhelmed, and I have been determined to bring them to all to internet fame and stardom ever since. Emily and Chris live on a farm that has been in his family for basically one thousand years, where they are joined by various goats, chickens, dogs (puppies!), sheep, pigs, and….CATS.

Emily writes.

The cats….also in order of arrival on the farm.

Oldest is Seamus.

He is the enormous cat with the bob tail! Definitely the number one hunter here. I think he has a cat human crush on me, the other day we were watching the sun set and he was purring soo loud and like trembling and then started to brush my hair out of my eyes continuously it was odd I kept asking him who he was….ever since then he has been my sleeping buddy.

Then there is Little Grey.

The sneezy cat, who does not meow but makes those really cute noises, and sometimes she talks. I am pretty sure she has said “Hello”, “Hi” and “Love you”. She has also used to toilet once as far as we know but we would like to think it happens more than we think so we leave the toilet lid up for her.

MIA is Slim.

(Perhaps this one? There were so many cats, my brain was on fire!)

The Sunday after you guys were here he went missing. He is the other Tabby TOM cat. So I think he is out chasing tail. I miss him dearly and look for him all the time. We knew he sprayed so we would feed him then kick him out so he got really good at being sneaky as cats so often are and would hide really good just to sleep in peace.

Then My two babies.

Reesey cat and Sass ass Cub.. I could write a novel about my babies. Reese goes hiking and on really long walks with me it is wayy adorable she eventually starts panting and her little tongue sticks out. She is also a hunter. She has a tabbytude as my vet calls it the deep growl, she thinks shes tough but she is a lover.

I have enclosed a picture of how sweet these two are.

Cub is the master house cat. There is nothing too tall for her to climb. She climbs everything and you can usually find her at the highest point in the room. She used to hate going outside a few weeks ago she was begging to be let out and she has been staying out pretty frequently. For me bringing my babies from that apartment {editor’s note: the apartment where Jake and I currently live, sadly, catless} where they never got outside to here…oh it made me tear up the first time I saw them run around in the field. They are so happy here and I love that!  Recently her and our cat Halloween started climbing a tree then jumping onto our roof and clawing at our bedroom window till we let them in. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw that now it is just a wake up call at 6 am.

The next set of siblings…Big Boy or Bud and Halloween.

The sweetest two cats ever, I believe you all held both of them and they want attention like no other.

Halloween  likes to play… all hours of the night she bats beads, contact cases, dishes, remotes…if it is something you leave out you will hear it in the night.

Big Boy is also a Tom but he is a lot sweeter than Slim was. He is very vocal but always has been. He protects his sister all the time and is probably the most relaxed cat here.

I wish you could have seen the cats meeting the goats, sheep, lambs and little piglets each experience should have been captured on video way to priceless.

Side note: the other day we were feeding the pigs and we only have 3 big momma’s now….Kona (adorable dog animal) kept barking and trying to fit her head through the gate to get a piece of chicken, and the Biggest Sow got a piece of chicken and walked about 8 feet over to Kona turned her head sideways and Kona took it out of her mouth and then she walked back to her food. It was so sweet and unbelievable at the same time.

Anywho that is most of our family whom we love most dearly!

Here are some outtakes from our first meeting of the catpalooza.

I am pleased with what is going on. Clearly.

Emily, Jake, Little Grey being awesome and small and adorable.

It doesn't take long for an apartment cat to turn into a farm cat! Garroooowwwl.

At Emily and Chris' house, cats occupy many surfaces.

Little Grey looks bigger up close.

I will always, always, ALWAYS accept a dinner invitation at Emily and Chris’ house…where else would I eat?



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