The last UK Cat Report to be blogged from Huntingdon!

June UK Media Roundup

Hello from England, fellow Cat-Blog readers!  Here is the monthly media roundup from the UK.  However, I’d like to begin things with my neighbors across the Channel.  I couldn’t resist including this tidbit from the French press.  [editor’s note– ha. get it? coffee.] Please see the translation note; I don’t wish to be caught up in any further litigation in terms of cat rescues.

From La Voix du Nord:

Maubeuge : opération de sauvetage maousse pour un matou égaré

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Le chat Pipin n’en a sans doute pas eu conscience, mais il a animé les berges de la Sambre hier. Le félin, propriété d’une employée du centre de l’Arsenal, a été l’objet d’une importante opération de sauvetage menée par les pompiers de Maubeuge. Aux dernières nouvelles, Pipin se porte bien…


Maubeuge: mouse-ive rescue operation for a wayward tomcat. 


The cat Pipin, seemingly unaware, brought the banks of the Sambre alive yesterday.  The feline, owned by an employee of the Arsenal Cultural Center, was in the middle of a major rescue mission led by the Maubeuge fire department.  The latest news is that Pipin is doing well.


(Please note: this is a quick, non-literal translation for which I alone am responsible; any mistakes and/or errors and/or inaccuracies of translation are my own fault and not that of the esteemed journalists of La Voix du Nord for whom I have the utmost respect.)

Up next we have another article that is surprisingly similar to one I’ve already commented on from Your Cat magazine.  You can’t help wondering if there’s more to the story.  “Is Your Cat Cheating on You?” followed shortly by “My Cat Nearly Wrecked My Marriage.”  As a newlywed, it’s disheartening, but that cat in the picture is really cute!


Next we have the Guardian.  Who knew they’d finally get in on the act and start including important things instead of just letting the likes of Terry Jones comment on everything?  The article is entitled “How to Make a Catnip Mouse.”  At first, I thought that it’d be fairly noticeably out of my own sphere of production, not being a catnip mouse myself, and not being married to one.  Yet, the instructions (as detailed by Rachel Dixon) couldn’t be simpler!  Furthermore, it’s for a good cause: “Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is calling on crafters to knit a toy mouse for cats awaiting a new home. Try the pattern for ‘Captain Cat-Battler’, created by Lauren O’Farrell from Stitch London.”  Indeed, Captain Cat-Battler is a formidable opponent, but I think negotiations are in order.  Doesn’t the good Captain know what Mrs. Tibbles did to the Stephens Island Wren?  There was no mercy and no quarter given.  Think about it Captain Cat-Battler.



That’s all I have time for today, dear Cat-Blog readers, but I shall return as soon as I can.  I’m happy to report that the authorities will be allowing me to remain in Britain to be your faithful Cat-Blog correspondent for the next two years.  That’s all from theUKfor now.

All the best,


CON-CAT-ULATIONS to you, Mr. and Mrs. UK Cat Correspondents. 


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