September Media Roundup PART TWO

Oh, hey there friends.

Here is our dearest darling UK Cat Correspondent Matt’s second installment of his overview of the goings on of our world.


September UK Media Roundup Part 2

From that
fine purveyor of feline-related happenings and goings-on, the Daily Mail:

cat is on top of the world after owners build him a spiral staircase to get
over garden fence”

When 11-year-old
Tom developed the painful condition in his joints, his owner Adrienne Ellery
and her boyfriend Gareth Bowen, from Fulham, south-west London, became worried
he would not be able to get enough exercise…
It was after Gareth, a retired firefighter, watched Tom struggling to
jump over the fence he decided to build him the climbing aid. It took him a day
to create the stairs using off-cuts of timber to make 12 steps slotted into the
strut…  The stairs take Tom to the top of
the wall, which he walks along to navigate the neighbourhood…  It’s made all the difference to the cat. It
means he can get around the neighbourhood and as he’s getting older it’s
important for his quality of life.  ‘Gareth’s
done an amazing job.’

From the same source, we have a story
from 2009:

“Spider-cat: Daredevil Charlie ignores cat-flap and
climbs two-storey wall to get home”

From Sky News
via the Yahoos:

Swedish Rescue Mission for Trapped Kitten

Staff at a
supermarket in Gothenburg heard the animal’s cries on Sunday and alerted
rescuers.  A team of animal experts and
technicians with advanced camera equipment were brought in.  It still took them 48 hours to get the seven-
to eight-week-old kitten out.  He is now
being cared for by rescuers while a new home is found.

I was just
catching up on human rights issues in the take-no-prisoners tell-all exposé
entitled “’It’s my boy’s
human right to have a three-inch ponytail’: Father withdraws son from school
after row over hairstyle
” when I noticed yet another Daily Mail article about cats:

Shiver me
tim-purrs! These pirate cats won’t stop at the cream, they want your gold and
treasure too

was International Talk Like A Pirate day on Monday and these cats clearly
didn’t want to be left out out.  The
dressed up felines looked as if they were auditioning for another instalment of
the Pirates of the Caribbean, but we’re not sure how much the moggies would
enjoy sailing the high seas.  Despite
being afraid of water, these brave buccaneers posed for the camera while doing
their best Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation.
Luckily for these pussy cats they donned their Jolly Roger pirate hats
in the comfort of their homes, rather than braving the open waters of the
Caribbean Sea.

Undoubtedly, the main story in the British press
recently has been the saga involving the disappearance of the kitten called
Beauty.  It first came to my attention in
one of the many newspapers that the good British public leave strewn across the
floors of their public transport.
They’re so thoughtful in this manner.
Not only do they actually have public transport, but the denizens that
frequent it are kind enough to leave spare newspapers as cat litter on the bus
floors (strangely
enough, in all my to and from journeys on the bus, I have yet to see a cat
traveller, but I’m keeping my eyes open
).  When I complimented one svelte young lad as
he was setting down a fresh, unread layer of newspaper, he looked at me in
disbelief.  Undoubtedly, this was
amazement at my American Can-Do Attitude; I suggested that a good dose of cat
litter would be better at deodorizing that sharp urine smell so prevalent on
the buses.  When I praised his balled-up
new addition to what had quite frankly become a sticky bed of piss paper mache,
he gave me a look that I’ve come to recognize as Classic British Understatement
(it’s something of a curious misnomer, most often they often don’t say a word).  Anyway, I was perusing a less-soiled edition
of the Times when some scandalous
news caught my eye—a kitten had been kidnapped:

I later noticed that the Charlie Chaplin
mustaches and what can only be described as humongous had been added in
marker.  Some vandal had defaced it.  Don’t let that distract you from the
headline.  (I’ve redacted the offending
doodles.  [Thankfully, they left the
photo of Beauty the kitten untouched.])
The dastardly criminal has since been convicted, but there is still no
word about Beauty.  Moving appeals have
been made to the public and we can only hope for the best at this point.  You can follow the saga through the links below:

MP’s wife Christine Hemming filmed stealing kitten

MP John Hemming’s wife found guilty of kitten theft

MP’s lover appeals for stolen kitten

That’s all for

All the best to
all you faithful Cat-Blog readers!

Your UK Cat-Blog Correspondent


Thanks so much Matt! SLAAAAAAAYERRRRRRR.

exes and ohs,


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