UK Cat Report British Media Roundup: Zee Octubre Edition

Surely you recall our far-flung friend, Matt

Let’s take a look at October in Media-Town across the proverbial pond. The water grows colder each day, but our love for you does not wane. 


October UK Media Roundup

Happy days!  The previously reported stolen cat called Beauty has been found!  And she’s had kittens too.



I know nothing about this next photo, but I think it’s fantastic!  I came across it on the Flickrs.  Photo by SimonJD2009:



Here is a little something for the cat music playlist—the other day I was looking for a Youtubes version of Gabriel Fauré’s “Kitty Waltz” when I came across this: “a Catalog of Music, Part 1.” It is an extensive list of cat-related classics.  I haven’t been able to actually listen to the program, but quality versions of most of the songs are readily available elsewhere online.

And why not check out some cat-related audio-books on LibriVox?  A cursory search of “cat” returned ninety-six recordings—all in the public domain and all free of charge.  Many of these will inevitably be titles like The Life and Doctrine of St. Catherine of Genoa (not to be confused with Saint Gertrude of Nivelles), but most are indeed focused on cats.  I’ve listened to only a few, but they’ve been amusing.

In a case that just gets more and more interesting, UK Home Secretary Teresa May made some cat-comments at the Tory Party conference right here in Manchester.  I’m paraphrasing, but she said that there was a case of an illegal immigrant who could not be deported because he owned a cat.  This seems reasonable.  Yet, it is flawed for one simple fact: people don’t own cats; cats own people, if they feel like it.  In fact, the person could be claimed as a dependent of Maya, the British kitty concerned (see picture), if she were actually concerned.



According to the UK Border Agency, several key criteria would first have to be established: 1) that the human was not leading an independent life 2) was not married or in a civil partnership 3) has not formed an independent family unit, and 3) is aged under eighteen.  It doesn’t seem like the human in question meets any of these requirements.  The Border Agency is professional.  They take these things very seriously and frown on any shenanigans.  They would not be fooled.  Initially, there were claims that the Home Secretary made the entire story up.  Lies!  She didn’t make it up; someone else did.  Well, at least someone else gave the same speech well before her.  The case is, in fact, real.  My favorite British talk show, Have I Got News for You, explains the story in this clip.  It’s a bit long in getting to our story, but worth it.  In this link, Teresa May clearly explains herself in an interview.  For me, the best part of the story is that the alleged illegal immigrant was only brought to the attention of the authorities because he was caught shoplifting a porcelain cat.  As usual, the Daily Mail is on top of the story: “At home with the ‘catgate’ couple: Man at centre of storm reveals how he stole porcelain feline from Debenhams


That’s all for October.

All the best to all you faithful Cat-Blog readers!



This is unbelievable!  “That’s one long walkabout! Cat walks 2,000 miles across Australia to get home after owners relocate




Dear UK Cat Reporter,

You are the best.

Sad Cat in the Rain Blogging Girls (or whatever keywords are bringing wayward Google-searchers to this site) Everywhere, but especially the ones in Brooklyn who are enjoying a glass of wine before reading sultry late 19th Century texts to inform their artwork.


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