Too Legit to Quit

(This means we finally have a bookshelf.)

Thanks to Matt, my near and dear pal from back when I used to cry everyday instead of just “often”, we recently became the recipients of a gigantic bookshelf:

that we moved here on a bicycle:


Proud of my adult achievements of organization and possession-owning, I have decided to showcase the kitties who have come to live in these fancy condo-esque shelves.

Jesus Antonio Mana Oso and Happy Lucky Money Cat

Last month, we became the proud parents of a little sumptin’ sumptin’ that came in a box straight from The Camera Coon, of New Mexican ghost town fame.

Here is the box! (It is also blog relevant, and we liked it so much we decided to use it as a trash can.)

The Coon writes,

…he comes to you all the way from the Hatch Chile Festival. I saw him while buying a ristra (red hanging chiles) and couldn’t pass him up.

I immediately loved him, and even Jake didn’t put up  fuss so I knew he was totes in. At first he gazed longingly into the sky somewhere from atop the kitchen cabinets, but with the addition of our bookshelf, I decided he was better suited to the kind of life where I could look at him fondly as I slowly calcified in the sheepskin accordion chair with Jessica Fletcher and Fox Mulder and Detective John Munch, et al.

But he did look a little dog like to me, so recently I asked The Coon for further clarification.

Needless to say, I am proud to welcome him to both our home and our bookshelf.

His cool hangouts partner is Happy Lucky Money Cat, the golden shrine of an animal I purchased one afternoon in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, the day Christina adopted his twin and she dropped her bag of books in glee when I confessed that I don’t like every girl and somewhere around then we also got our fortunes told by the all-seeing Gina and became friends forever and ever.

Culture Clash!!

Chopstick Holders

You might remember these from The New Zealand Times! They have traveled long and far and are now fancy denizens of the top shelf, fourth to the right.

Various Cat Books

I guess it is a bookshelf, so let’s showcase some of the texts that have made the journey.

CATWATCHING, by Desmond Morris

Thanks to former librarian and current baby/pug/cat-father Jon Knepp who donated this piece to our personal collection…along with some creepy ventriloquism books for Jake so he could tap into my deepest fears more easily.

This book functions as a basic “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Cats but Were Too Afraid to Ask”, and also features some pretty fine feline illustrations.

Why We Love Our Cats and Dogs by Patricia Lawson and Phil Miller

In memory of our Phil, I have with me always a great selection of his writing to muse and smile upon. Here is the most overt of his cat-related work. It features pieces such as the one linked in the previous sentence, the poem Roy found the Valentines’ day Phil died and we all almost wordlessly gathered at Boxer’s and hugged and drank and grieved and cried and laughed and cried and laughed. Roy read the poem aloud, and there was nothing else worth hearing.

Conci Denniston illustrates this collaborative compilation book greatly, with kitties like this.

There are also some old favorites, such as…

I Can Read About Cats and Kittens

Loving cat-related props to Suzanne for this!

…the selection mailed in by our UK Cat Correspondent, CATS

the Christmas gifts this blog received from Jake’s family last year, The Complete Cat Owner’s Manual and my cat identification field guide…

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd back to the kitsch.

(Not pictured: the cat book Matt himself gave me that deserves its own book report. Pending.)

Snowball the Cat and Bog Cat

Snowball, the cat we didn’t give to Ken, and Bog Cat, the friend Jared brought back from Ireland, have bunked together for months now and have moved in tandem several times. They have happily settled into the third row of shelves, first from the left.


Quinn’s Bostonian auntie sent these along, and every human receiving mail from me until the end of time thanks her REAL HARD.

Don’t get too excited.

First you have to see where I keep them:




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3 Responses to Too Legit to Quit

  1. madre de jake says:

    I ordered an addition to your feline literature collection today. I hope you don’t already have it!

  2. bearicaquinn says:

    Ahhhhhghh perfect. I accept wholeheartedly.

    I had a dream last night that resulted in me waking up and saying “Hah!” in a surprised and shocked manner. The dream was that you were mad at me! Jake said, “You know everyone’s mad at you.” Then I had a dream where I thought I was actually awake and I told Jake about the dream and he said, “Yeah, everyone’s mad at you.” Then in the morning I told Jake all of this and he said I was being dumb.

    I’m glad my first two dreams were erroneous. Miss you!

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