Life in the Land of My Birth

A visual adventure.

This is the kitty for whom I have much affection.


Well, this isn't from White Haven but this IS a completely radical gift from my cousin, Jess Besack. It is the first that shall begin this parade of cat presents.


Julia painted this wineglass in cats for me. My days of drinking wine from secondhand mugs are over!

Aaaaaand here it is partially drained.

Nice to meet you, power pendant. This is from the Rogans and I can't think of all the possible ways I could say thank you, thank you, thank you.

My cat loving auntie, Cioci Tina, mailed over this decorative cat angel pillow, and for her and my excellent love and luck, I am thankful. I cannot wait to artfully arrange it upon my bed.


And then Dave came over and all my pets were like "whoah".



About bearicaquinn

Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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