All of Us

A good friend recently said (to a bustling table of our friends) that the best part about me is the group of incredible, caring, talented, hilarious, once-in-a-lifetime (okay, now I am just putting words in his mouth) friends I carry with me always. And he is correct. My best trait, by far, is whatever I’m doing to attract my loved ones. I am continually amazed, impressed, in awe of the people I know, the ones I’ve met living in tiny river towns in Pennsylvania, in rainy cities in northern England, by the ocean at the bottom of the world, rooftops in Brooklyn. And, now that I’ve added a Bearded Companion to the mix, our group has expanded to include former strangers, current necessities. We are strapped for cash but rich in affection. (Also, spices.) Eclectic is a word that scarcely describes the ones I hold close, or perhaps they are the sort of people who help define that term. At any point, I want to have you within my sights, let you sleep in a nest of blankets and pillows on my floor on the other side of our partition, to make you coffee in the morning, to show you buildings out the window, to take you to the roof and look at the sky. I will make you breakfast, I will take you places. I will write cat blog posts about you, and because you are amazing, you will help provide the material.

This is about some of those people. Just a handful– for each of these dedicated blog submitters, please imagine about a hundred other smiling, waving humans behind them. I have love for all.


A most excellent artist, friend, neighbor, cat sitter, wiffleball player, and crafter of puns sends in this, just one more reason to appreciate Brooklyn for the time that we live there. (Both for this submission and for the fact that Mike Shea and his lovely Pro-stina and their lovely cats live like three blocks away and they are incredibly rad and beautiful and I love how affectionate they are together and I think everyone should be that way.) Behold: Gothamist’s favorite bodega cats! As a teaser, I give you just one.



We blogged about this once, long ago, but it’s so nice, let’s jam on it twice! My fellow photographer, the grand lady who lives in a ghost town in New Mexico (which is PRETTY RAD, I am figuring out) with two dogs and her kindness and she’s one of those people who is just really pretty even when everyone else looks bleary, so it might just be her goodness showing through, sends this in.

What won’t we do?


from QUINN

This hip cat brought to you by other Quinn, that former cowboy, the shifty-eyed gentleman who: I avoided and then missed in 2007, shared a tiny bed with and wrote postcards to in 2008, got robbed with and shared a (different) tiny bed with in 2009, helped me and others throw a wedding and had tears wiped from his eyes (YOU KNOW THEY WERE THERE) before my departure for New Zealand in 2010, was in my new apartment before me and lived as The Pink Shadow in 2011, and was the Patti to my Robert and my co-writer on an art blog in 2012. Who knows what the future holds for we who share one name? People think we are siblings, people think we are married, but we know that we’re each other’s back-up plan. Can’t wait to turn 50.


from BELLE

Belle is a great lady. Without her cups of coffee, her knitting advice, her Tuten Tuesday, her charming wit, her great adorability combined with a fierce and curious sense of academia, my life would be sincerely lacking. Without she and her dapper husband (my former adviser/professor/boss/cohort, current pal and also cohort) taking me (and, later, Jake) into their home, my life in Huntingdon wouldn’t just have been duller– it wouldn’t have existed.

Here, she sends in more knitting advice. Though I’m intrigued, think I’m going to have to work up to this, in terms of skill-level! In terms of I-want-it-level, YES.


About bearicaquinn

Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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