Catty Boh


Greetings, from the Land of Pleasant of Pleasant Living. (This photo isn’t really happening right now. However, we are drinking Natty Boh. Our hosts are napping in the leafy bedroom above us, Roy and Jake are working through a drawling-trash-talking Pente tournament, Dan is in search of cookies, and Quinn is doing…something handy? [update: he is helping a lady outside change her flat tire]. All around there are trees and breeze and quiet evening light. Also, today I saw a cat at the hardware store.)

With love and Labor Day greetings for you all.


About bearicaquinn

Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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