Alert the Media!

Sniffer, via Jezebel

Sometimes, things just come slamming onto my radar. Because the “news” that filters down into my horrific biosphere is an eclectic blend of recipes, images of cute animals, crimes perpetrated in New York City and art information, I really rely on the input of my friends to fill in the big stuff.

And so, though there’s a lot of excellent cat stuff waiting in line, the overwhelming number of folks who wrote in this weekend about the Internet Cat Video Festival at Minneapolis’  Walker Art Center deserve immediate mentioning. And, don’t you come here to get the news anyway?

As Sniffer, first on the scene, wrote,

I didn’t know that you opened an exhibit in minneapolis.

As the Jezebel article she accompanied with her note said,

The Walker Art Center, “a well-regarded museum of modern art in Minneapolis” according to the AP, has unleashed its first-ever “Internet Cat Video Festival” on the public, and, from only a quick perusal of the lineup, it sounds like the best art exhibit in the history of art. Eat it, Julian Schnabel – nobody cares anymore.

Intrigued, I read further as the reports flooded in. Jade, my far flung Australian love triangle (and very awesome fellow art person) wrote,

I can’t even believe this exists.

The New York Times piece she sent along detailed the incredible-ness of the festivities.

The crowd — easily double what organizers expected — packed the lawn outside the museum, spilling onto the sidewalks across the street. There were local cat lovers and out-of-state fans of Fluffy; many wore kitty-theme T-shirts or simply ears and whiskers. Some took real cats on leashes. A few dogs came, for irony.

My former professor/always cool-person Jen (another of us in the field of arts and cat adoration) sent along an article from The Slate, whose reporter interviewed the festival-goers in a series of ‘dispatches’, one of which was:

I asked why she loved cat videos, and she said it was because “the cats in them are so funny. My cat mostly just sits around and sleeps a lot.”

Jen also reminded us of the enigmatic Henri, who was the star of the show.


And let’s not forget about where our old friend came from…here he is, sent in by Christie for your viewing pleasure.



Be well, my dear and beloved ones.



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