Three in the bed, one on the floor.

I speak often of the luck, of the love I have in my life. However, I am feeling it keenly today, the morning after the night I conned three of my most beloved loved ones into having a slumber party, the night we had a party in our clothes (well attended by lots of good players with great stats) and then a second party in our pajamas, when the night shift friends of DeKalb Avenue swung by. I woke up in bed under blankets with Dan Blum and my Camera Coon, all of us sporting temporary tattoos of Mike Shea (happy birthday Mike Shea!) on our bodies, Roy on the other side of the partition, cuddled up with Olive in a compromising scene. After much coffee and a dreamy morning class, I biked home to find Sarah napping, and we laughed and sussed and washed dishes and packed bags and donned sweaters and walked into the grey afternoon, where we had tacos and other Mexican delicacies and we analyzed and giggled and loved each other, everyone. We sat on stools outside and drank potions with and without gluten and a nice man with flour on his arms took our picture. I am now in a seat facing east on a bus headed west, wrapped in a big grey sweater with my feet on the seat in front of me, watching the orange light, so characteristic of autumn, stream through the windshield, burn, fade. I began writing this as I saw White Haven emerge from the yawn of golden-green trees before fading into another endless grove. Onward, to Huntingdon.

I am getting older, slightly, day by day, and I am learning slowly that I feel and love deeply, maybe more-so than originally forecasted. Roy has said that I am happiest when I can see and touch everyone I care for in person, in one room. (I have recently used the phrase “loving clutches”.) I am delighted for my friend family, my actual family. The sky is turning darker, blues and creams fading to grey and I am headed toward my beardiest loved one. (My back is to him; I am still facing Brooklyn, White Haven, so my arrival will be a surprise.) There are so many of you to whom I owe many kisses. Here are cats from some of those people.



Oh hey baby.

Last night, Miss Mary and I met to have some drinks and hear some music. We found a friend in the form of a fabulous feline on the other side of the window at Babbitt’s bookstore in Normal, Illinois. Some internet searching has revealed the name of this kitty – Babette. (Seems appropriate enough.) I know I personally spent 15+ minutes playing with Babette through the window. I tapped on the window and she scratched back. What a tease. Babbitt’s seems a delightful place, and I can’t wait to patronize this bookstore so I can formally introduce myself to Babette.
You can see a video of Babette as a kitten on YouTube!
“Brian is probably going to yell at me when he sees this video.”
Love ya girl.

 Images accompany.



These come from an illustrious article called The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions. I shall share Cioci Tina’s favorite first, and then my own.

“The Dog Bed:
Not a bed for dogs, but a bed that is made of dogs. I.e., the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep on that also smells kind of funky.”

“The Awkward Spoon:
The goal here is not so much intimacy as it is the socially uncomfortable sharing of a physical space with someone. Bonus points if your arm falls asleep but you’re too embarrassed to move it.”


from NORAH

Fabulous cat shirt from h&m- they also have printed cat shorts and dresses! So glorious !



Oh man one day in May, Jean Paul really humored me and used his iphone for the good of humanity.

We spotted this sassy miss on Washington Avenue. Jean Paul had the camera. I had the uncontainable excitement.


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Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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