From Huntingdon

It’s curious to make a habit of staying in a different apartment (#2) in one’s own former apartment (#6) building. The sounds are the same, just slightly different (farther from the train, closer to The Friendly), the ceilings are higher and the layout is mirrored, but the feeling is the same, the smell is the same, and Jake is here, and our friends are too, and everyone we see is familiar, just part of this glorious true home of ours. The ridge, the sun, the river, the wind, the steam from our breath and our cups of coffee.

If I could, I would mail the whole of Huntingdon a great big I Love You card. Because that is impractical, I will just share with you some cats I’ve recently received in the mail. (Interesting: the grandmothers have it!)







from JAKE

Okay, this isn’t about cats but the envelope is just too good to share– referencing a 2010 birthday package from Quinn.


About bearicaquinn

Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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