The Sun is up,

(insert rest of The Cure song here.)

I write to you from the beautiful Pocono wilds, or at least I’m told this is what it’s called here. This morning I was actually up before the sun was up, a condition of weekend living in the Quinn’s early-to-bed-early-to-rise household. Other wholesome things: French press of coffee, L.L. Bean catalog, flannel jammies. Baby, we got it all.

Also, today I did one of my all-too-infrequent email purges (sorry to everyone I know for being the worst ever) and I discovered many kitties in doing so. Here they are, for you from these fine folks. Keeping it in the family.


My cat-lady forebearer sent along this gem back in May (the cat blog line is long) and I shall now bring it to your attention– a video with the titilating title– Bobcat and House Cat Go Paw-to-Paw.

“Pima would get up here and was pawing at the window, pawing at the window. ‘Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, I want to be your friend,’” Marshall said of the encounter.  “At first, when it happened, I thought the bobcat would get aggressive.  But instead, it was quite the nice little interaction where the bobcat almost wanted to play.”

You will not be disappointed. BFFs!


My New Orleans auntie, a longtime disavower of cats/newly-formed cat lover, sent me an email titled “Every Cat Should Have a Dog”, a subject that should unite all readers of this blog at odds over the cat-people/dog-people conflict. Here I have reproduced my favorite image.

from NORAH

My dear cousin sent me this picture of her family’s new puppy (now not-so-puppy, I imagine) back in July, writing,

Bear staring a barn cat who hangs out on our step! Bros fo lyfe


from JESS

Annnnd this fine feline comes to us from Norah’s big sister, my fine cousin J. Beez. A city cat, to contrast.

6th Avenue car cat…


This one’s a familial twofer! Grandma, that lady of ladies, writes,

Looks like your cousin Colin out in Oregon shares your love of cats!!!!!
xxoo Grandma
With love to my family, and to yours.

About bearicaquinn

Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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