Istanbul Feline Blowout

This is my sister, Poochcat.



She is three years my junior, yet eons ahead of me in terms of sass, appearance, and overall useful skillsets. I once questioned whether or not she liked me, but there have been several markers over the years to suggest a great deal of sisterly love.

One notable example was the essay she wrote for her English class in 2008.

Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that my sister, Erica, and I were very different from each other. Back then, I wanted to be just like her, so this always upset me, and I was forever trying to change myself, and try to make myself exactly like my big sister. Eventually, thank goodness, I gave up on that little dream of mine, realizing at last that my sister and I, although very close, are as different as night and day.

The most obvious dissimilarity between my sister and me is our appearance. We look alike enough for people to tell that we are sisters, but there are several things that separate us. Erica has a tendency to dress in slightly eccentric attire, while I dress much more with the norms of society. She has been known to find old-man sweaters in boxes on the street with the word “Free,” written on the sides. Erica also enjoys wearing all the colors of the rainbow at the same time, and somehow she thinks that her clothes match. She pairs all these colors and old-man sweaters with ancient costume jewelry that she finds in thrift stores. I’m happy in plain old jeans and a sweater, or t-shirt. I also wear hooded sweatshirts, flip flops, tank tops, and these are never all different colors. I try to make my clothing match, while my sister doesn’t seem to have that same goal.

Another area where my sister and I differ greatly is our taste in music. Erica listens to pretty obscure music. I am pretty sure that less than two percent of the population has ever even heard of most of the musical groups she listens to. I don’t even know how she finds out about the existence of some of the bands she likes. She always gives me skeptical looks when she hears what music I am playing. I am much less picky about music than my sister. I listen to many different genres, from country to rap. On my iPod, you can find everything from Disney songs to Lil’ Wayne. I basically listen to everything that my sister doesn’t listen to. This becomes quite an issue when we are driving somewhere and try to decide on what we want to hear. We usually end up listening to disco music.

The lifestyles Erica and I have are also very different. My sister is very creative and artistic. She’s an incredibly talented photographer and spends a good deal of her time taking pictures and developing them. I, on the other hand am artistically challenged, and am much more interested in watching television or napping. Erica does interesting things like bee-keeping and attending fake proms with her friends. I enjoy going shopping or to the movies much more than I would enjoy taking care of bees. Erica is interested in becoming an English professor, while I want to major in computer science. She is a vegetarian, while I could never live without bacon. She rides her bike everywhere, while I drive in my car. I also work more than she does, because I have to pay off this car. Even the illnesses my sister and I have are different. Erica is asthmatic and she has a lot of allergies. I, on the other hand, have a thyroid condition. We lead very different lives.

Of course there are a few things that Erica and I have in common. For instance, we are both lifeguards, we have the same size feet, we both love the television show “Golden Girls,” and we share a passion for Scrabble. The differences between us, nevertheless, outweigh the similarities. Over the course of my lifetime, I have discovered that my sister and I are polar opposites. When I was little, I did want to be just like her, but now I have realized that she is completely off her rocker. Even though I think she’s utterly insane, I love my big sister, and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

There is, also, the bevy of cat photos she sent me after her recent trip to Istanbul.

Here come the cats!

Erin is pretty rad.

Indulge. (Many of these function as a “find-the-cat”!)









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