Day 5: Nearly into Big Water

Tonight they camp somewhere in here, approximately five miles upriver from Three Mile Island.

Tonight they camp somewhere in here, approximately five miles upriver from Three Mile Island.


There have been sightings!

On Sunday, Day 2, Jeff sent me this photo of Jake applying sunscreen.



On Monday night, Day 3, Marcia drove down to Newport to meet the river travelers, to drop off milk and a smattering of forgotten supplies. Jake was in need of a bug net, Jeff was in need of a cord to charge his cellphone–  which he will ultimately need to call me and say Hey We’re Done; Come Pick Us Up.


Jeff: loving milk.

Jeff: loving milk.


Marcia reports on their good spirits and also about how cool they are. I tend to concur.

Photos courtesy of Marcia– I look forward to meeting you!

IMG_6838 IMG_6839 IMG_6840 IMG_6841 IMG_6842 IMG_6843



Today, Day 5, while at Boxer’s with Helena and Evan I received a phone call FROM JAKE, the memory of which is my most recent primary source document. (I am a person who very rarely receives such things so you must imagine that it was a great thrill.) It was at this time that I was informed that it is very windy, that they are well, that they are very happy, that they miss us.

They are missed, certainly and dearly. Olive and I are sleepy, the house is dark, and soon I will sink into these feathers and watch my dreams slip out of windows. The stream that quickens past our house runs into the Juniata which runs into the Susquehanna, which will push them into the Bay. I have been gazing fondly at water in these days.

Here are some cats from fellow Huntingdonians, sending goodwill from this half of the trip’s doors.

from IRIS

Iris, who is both my student and just a great human being, made this comic called Muffles and Mo just for this blog. I am honored.

Also, cats wearing bathing suits– my goodness.

IMG_6846 IMG_6847 IMG_6848



This is nothing short of amazing. A cat drinking a milkshake, straight from the archives of Huntingdon’s fantastic history. via the Huntingdon County Historical Society.


“This cat came to Black’s Drug Store every afternoon for an ice cream soda. It was the era of the first ice cream sodas and all the drug stores were selling the sodas.”


Goodnight to all.


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