This pair of cool mornings has my mind wandering into autumn, when I will be not just Mrs. Quill but Professor Quill, and Bartendress Quill as well. My mornings will be early and my nights long, but each day will be words and pictures and the new grown-up clothes I recently purchased at a discounted price.

However, until fog breath and woodsmoke it is summer still, and today, like all the other Thursdays, I will ride through the hills into town and organize and sell vegetables, eat nachos thereafter and drink a beer with Helena, and ride home with my panniers filled with greens, cheese, sourdough. Sun pushing through thunderheads, the dark cold creek, gravel road crackle, our funny yellow house, the yard patrolled by chiggers and ducks.

In many ways, life has never brought me more.

Let’s catch up.


Scenes from the Farmers’ Market


Sweet Annie’s


Momcat, cat, wine.

Erin, the Huntingdon High School art teacher/my local art education confidant/guru introduced me to some visual aids she had inherited-- many of them heavy on the cats.

Erin, the Huntingdon High School art teacher/my local art education confidant/guru introduced me to some visual aids she had inherited– many of them heavy on the cats.

IMG_6532 IMG_6533 IMG_6534 IMG_6535


Spying cats at the Greek Orthodox Monastery in White Haven.

IMG_6649 IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 2


En route to Denver, CO.



While Jess and I patrolled The West, Sarah brought the dogs here to visit Olive.












Black Panthers hot sauce, as seen in Grand Teton National Park.



Auntie Jo tells of cats in far away lands.



Gimme all them cats.



As witnessed at the Ten Sleep Brewery in Ten Sleep, WY.



Our cabin in the Bighorn National Forest was rife with incredible forest fire prevention posters, like this one.
IMG_7099 2 IMG_7100


Badlands museum, where nature gets real.



At Crazy Horse, where our money must have gone to pay for these golden gatos.



Upon returning to Pennsylvania I went immediately to a wood fired pizza party at the Cook-Huffman’s where barn cats were adorable, acrobatic, and ready for adventure.

IMG_7252 IMG_7257 IMG_7262 IMG_7267 IMG_7272 IMG_7274 IMG_7280 IMG_7281 IMG_7282 IMG_7283 IMG_7284


Wherein Archie refuses to go anywhere with me ever again.



All the news that’s fit to print.



Updated cat lady t-shirt collection– this gem, from Zee Padre de Jake. He mysteriously sent the following text via email, and a few days later the shirt appeared at our door.

Is this just a crazy catspiracy theory?
The All-Seeing Cat Eye is out there. Watching. Monitoring. Meowing. It never rests, except to take an afternoon nap.

There are many conspiracy theories about the Eye. Many believe that its use on the $1 bill symbolizes the influence of the Freemeowsons. However, the jury is still meowt on that.

Some have even suggested that the Eye dates back to a race of cat aliens, who have shaped human society to serve their needs. Which kind of makes sense if you think ameowt it.




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Smallish, smushy in the sad parts, certainly destined for cat-lady-dom. Enjoys boats, bikes, black coffee, pug faces, sourdough bread, the morning when you have slept long enough, beards, mountainsides, art, rooftops, etc. Will continue to live in things that are interestingly shaped. So octopus.
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