Call me on the meow-phone.

Composition with Father, Guitar, Sad Cat Girl, and Cat Who Would Later Be Eaten By An Owl

If you have a cat you’d like to have featured on “The Cats of Others” please email me at with photos and brief description of what makes your cat so noteworthy– it too can gain international fame!! 112 people looked at this the other day. That’s 112 additional people looking at your cat. (or 1 weird guy refreshing the page a bunch of times.) Think about it.


One Response to Call me on the meow-phone.

  1. Autumn Feazel says:

    I saw the gray cat that was considered a coon cat and the biggest cat in the world. His picture was on a pool table and a girl holding it. I adopted a cat that I almost swear is that cat. My daughter was googling biggest cats and came across your blog. I would love to get more info. I would just like to know his back story if it was their cat at one time. He is about 16 1/2 pounds and we adopted him last summer in 2010. My email is


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