“I am catching up on the cat blog while waiting for super’s minion to replace my girlfriend’s hot water tank. The blowtorch is so hot and the smoke alarm concurrently loud. Thank you for providing a diversion.”

–Matt, Brooklyn, NY


“I must confess, I am a creepy secret stalker of your cat-blog. I love cats dearly, and your posts brighten my days! Please never stop cat blogging.”

-Kacie, Columbus, OH


“I’m going to be optimistic and say that your #1 spot for hits has more to do with your writing skills than the state of art or sad girls writing about cats. Neither could be as captivating if not told so eloquently.”

-Hurricane Ben, Brooklyn, NY

I'll give you a clue: neither Ben nor myself own mustaches.


“I live for this blog.”

-Molly the Florida Cat Correspondent, Cat-Town, Florida

I miss my neighbz.


“When I realized you have a blog JUST about cats I JUST about jazzed my pants. 

How utterly purr-fect.

I hope you have been feeling fe-line and haven’t developed cat-aracts.”

-Pop, Not Close Enough to Me, PA

Pro beet farmer.


“I don’t read any blog besides your blog.” 

-Christina W, Brooklyn, NY

Christina and homegrrrl Parker.


5 Responses to Testimonials

  1. I was recently feeling down on my shit, so I went to Circle K and read Cat-Blog, and now everything is super!

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